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About XSEED School of Tomorrow Conference

Education Conference 2016

The XSEED School of Tomorrow (SOT) conference brings together a panel of thinking and creative leaders from all walks of life to share provocative ideas and practicable solutions that can seriously impact school quality.

Posted in: June 2014
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XSEED 2015 School Of Tomorrow Conference 2015


XSEED 2015 School Of Tomorrow Conference 2015
The theme for XSEED School of Tomorrow 2015 is ‘Education Technology to Deliver Results for Your School’. There is an increasing talk about doing something new to prepare children for the 21st century. Then, there is also a lot of talk on technology.

Posted in: July 2016
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XSEED School of Tomorrow Conference 2014, Delhi


Held on 23rd August at the JW Mariott Hotel, Aerocity, the XSEED School of Tomorrow Conference in Delhi focused on some pragmatic solutions and provocative ideas on how to re-invent schools for the future.

Posted in: June 2015
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XSEED School of Tomorrow Conference 2014, Coimbatore


While thousands of new schools open up each year with great fanfare and aspiration, the challenge of reaching scale while maintaining quality remains largely unsolved.

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About SOTx

About School Of Tomorrow Information

As an attempt to take the ‘School of Tomorrow’ discussion to even more educators across the vast Indian subcontinent, XSEED experimented with a regional extension of the conference in 2012.

Posted in: May 2014
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Tony Wagner

Speaking at XSEED School of Tomorrow Conference on 23rd August, 2014

Tony Wagner currently serves as an Expert In Residence at Harvard University’s new Innovation Lab.

Posted in: April 2014
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XSEED Model Teaching Videos

Know more about what we do at XSEED

This video is of a model class taught in XSEED way on Earth’s Rotation, a science topic in class 4. The XSEED MTV series has hundreds of video from grades 1-7.

Posted in: March 2014
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Daniel Goleman Live from Massachusetts

Talking at XSEED School of Tomorrow Conference on Aug 3, 2013

Daniel Goleman has authored the best seller Emotional Intelligence where he argues that our emotions play a much greater role in thought, decision making and individual success.

Posted in: February 2014
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Pasi Sahlberg Live from Helsinki

Talking at XSEED School of Tomorrow Conference on Aug 3, 2013

“I think India has a huge potential in global education to be the real innovation hub for the region and beyond. XSEED does interesting contribution to this through concrete and internationally tested innovation. I believe the Finnish experiences in enhancing both excellence and equity in education could be additional enrichment to these efforts of XSEED.”

Pasi Sahlberg on
XSEED, July 2013

Pasi Sahlberg Live Finish Lesson 2016
Know more
about the Best Seller

Posted in: January 2014
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JP Narayan

at XSEED School Of Tomorrow Conference, Sep 15, 2012, Chennai

He emphasises the importance of a good quality education system for a country like India and how its shortcomings can affect generations. Poor performance in global examinations is not because Indian children are any less bright but because the quality …

Posted in: December 2013
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